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          Hello, welcome to our Shaanxi Province Tianqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd web!
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          Shaanxi Province Tianqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

          Shaanxi Province Tianzhu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a major decision made by Shaanxi Coal Group to help Yulin City to overcome poverty and actively implement industrial poverty alleviation. It will develop a characteristic economy with regional endowment advantages, and the limited liability of Yulin Heli Industry Poverty Alleviation Development by Shaanxi Coal Group Subsidiary The state-owned joint-stock enterprise established by the company and Zizhou County Urban Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd.

          The company will give full play to the unique natural advantages of Zizhou Huangqi, through the standardization of raw material cultivation, high-quality jaundice standard formulation, Huangqi deep processing, Huangqi high-end health care product development and other operations, and with China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, China Health Association and related famous institutions Jointly establish the Huanghua Research Institute. The goal is to make Tianzhu Company a leading company in China's Huanghua industry.

          The company takes "developing green industry and helping to get rid of poverty and attacking the hard" as a glorious mission, hoping to contribute to the poverty alleviation of Zizhou County.